Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sweet 27

It's already 27 weeks.
Many things had going on but I can't find the right time to Write about it.
My boys already have names. We plan to name them as Syurahbil and Shawkanee. both names named by their daddy. Syurahbil taken from the name of a warrior of Islam; who had fought in the team of Khalid al- walid. Shawkanee is a name of Yemen Islamic scholar, who had written his own verse of Quran's Tafseer. Names of good legends, that's is What I am hoping for my children. May that they will grow up to be a good man. Just like their daddy;)
So this weekend we just spend our time at home. Sleeping cause this week had been an overwhelming tiring days at work. It is quite fair for us as we had spent last week at A Famosa Malacca with Daddy's bestfriends, named themselves as Vons. A pleasant short vacation. Alhamdulillah. I learnt afew things for myself too. The initial plan was to gather in Cameron Highlands, but considering it was too far to go especially in this pregnancy period of mine. Thank you everybody for being such thoughtful.

I feel so much relief that I had gone through a ll the hard weeks of pregnancy time. Now I am struggling with another issues like painfu l stretch mark, backpain, muscle cramps, but it didn't bother me so much like the earlier days. I had stopped the severe vomitting that I experienced in my first and second trimester. still having it sometimes, but it is not so bad as before.

Daddy just had another interview last Tuesday. He got his invitation for interview during our time in Malacca last week and I am the one who picked up the call fron the interviewer, named Mr.Wong. Daddy had gone through his interview excellently I must say. And I am so proud of him. Such a good examplary for the boys. Alhamdulillah. Can't wait to hear the result, and I pray the best for us Daddy, Ummi, Syurahbil and Shawkanee. 

That's all for this Sunday morning. Hoping I write more later. Now I am going to make scrambled egg sandwich for your Daddy.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Week 20

My pregnancy journey now has entering Week 20.
A bittersweet journey, though.
Struggling of being an engineer and a pregnant mum. Sure tough it is. 
Not really functioning 100%. The sickness and project delaying by customer request contributing into it.
Since last I blogged about my pregnancy, I never know that my little one inside my womb was actually my little ones. Yes it is a twin! We have did an ultrasound scan on Week 19 to know they are boys. My pregnancy now has been 5 months! Just a fast 4 months will passed by, I believed. I always pray to Allah that He will protect my little ones, always. My boys growing healthily despite of my severe cough and continuous vomiting even until now.

Week 19 ultrasound check up.
My babies progress:
- Good amount of amniotic fluid
- Good thick placenta
- Baby 1 weight: 231g
- Baby 2 weight: 235g
- No other issue

By the ultrasound I can see my boys are hugging each other. Such a wonderful experience. 
Thank you Allah for giving me more than I deserve.

It is now 1.39am. Waiting for their daddy to buy some meals for me. I had a severe vomit since Sunday and didn't have guts to cook. We had asleep since 8.30pm tonight without proper meal and my stomach started to rumble. I am thankful that daddy is always ready to fulfill whatever my request. He even bought me a slice of Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe this evening, after got back from work. Yes, I had said about it a few days before but I didn't expect to really get it. Feeling so blessed to have a husband like him. I always pray to Allah that He will bless his life and grant him Jannah.

Just had our meal. Some kueyteow kungfu and sate. Daddy had his charkueyteow. Done isyak now its time to sleep.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A soul within me

Hi baby. 
i just know your existence yesterday. 
and I am so glad to know that you are there, inside my belly.
Even know you are so tiny like a poppy seed. Grow well and awesome sayang. 
Just like your mummy and daddy.
I will care and wait patiently for you for another 9 months. Then we will meet. Surely your opahs and atoks also are eagerly waiting for you. Your geniuses uncle and aunties as well. 
Thank you for being a good one. Accompany me doing the drilling, running and standing for hours, hammering the lousy parts in the line. Keep being strong OK. I always concern about you in all my doings. I promise to myself I will be a stronger one for you. 
Goodnight. Let's sleep my precious little dot. 

21 Nov 2017
Fourth weeks of pregnancy

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tabiat baru


Masih dalam hibernation mode.
Bangun pagi. Pergi pasar. 
Perkara ini mungkin boleh termasuk dalam keajaiban dunia sebab Arina memang jarang pergi pasar.
So pergi pasar hari ini sebab ada target baru.
Apa dia?
Target nak masak sendiri sepanjang minggu ni untuk dinner. Hahah. Rasa macam nak gelakkan diri sendiri sebab sangat jarang masak kat rumah. Bukan tak reti masak, just..malas. Pastu selalu rasa makan kedai lebih kurang je dengan harga masak sendiri. Tapi lately terasa harga makan di kedai semakin meningkat. Seiiring dengan peningkatan kolesterolku. Huhu. Jadi tujuan impian yang ini adalah untuk berjimat dan juga masak makanan sihat.
Encik tunang cadangkan untuk post apa yang saya masak dalam blog ini. Menarik juga. Boleh consider. Mari memasak gaya ringkas (dan malas) Arina. Haha

Grocery hari ini;
Ikan kembung 7 ekor: RM5.00
Sayur salad, tomato, terung: RM5.00+
Vico 500g: RM15.60 (untuk diminum dengan ESP Shaklee waktu sarapan pagi)
Ayam 5 ketul sederhana: RM6.00+
Bawang merah: RM3.00

So untuk sarapan dah settle, VICO+ ESP. Untuk tenaga dan kecantikan kulit. Eheh. Promote pulak. Tapi seriously rasa kulit better bila konsisten minum ESP. Target beli sebenarnya untuk tenaga. Sebab selalu fatigue masa kerja. Minum ESP rasa better. Eventually kulit pun rasa better. Dua minggu tanpa pencuci muka pun takde hal. Takde jerawat naik. Selalu sehari dua tak ada pencuci muka mesti dah macam apa. Boleh la kot lepas ini repeat. So kena la jimat benda-benda lain kalau nak maintain minum ni. 

Untuk lunch, makan kat kantin ofis je. Malas nak bawak bekal. Kecah-kecah nak basuh Tipuware bagai. Haha. Nauzubillah pemalas. Next time lah kan. Bila dah improve target yang aku plan hari ini, which is untuk masak untuk dinner je. InsyaAllah. Semakin hari semakin baik. Itu yang kita harapkan. Jyeahh.

Dinner. I need it. Pernah dulu selalu skip dinner. Konon makan malam tak sihat. Tapi sebenarnya bila tak makan lagi sakit. Darah rendah sampai pening-pening. So takpelah gemuk sikit tapi sihat. Lol. Makan malam wajib bagi aku.

Dinner plan:
Ayam grill
Ikan bakar
Sambal belacan
Terung balado
Sayur tomato/salad

Ha. Menu sihat katako. Jauh lebih sihat daripada benda aku makan sehari-hari sekarang ni. Dengan ini jugak harapnya kolesterol menurun dengan mendadaknya. Amin. 

Remark: Those youngsters out there, you gotta check your cholesterol level. Macam saya, ingat tak lah tinggi sebab muda. Padahal nauzubillah tinggi. Macam makcik-makcik 40an. Nasib baik check and start control. Kalau tak check teruskan makan kepci, pizza, telur goreng and ikan bilis goreng hari-hari, mau mati mengejut kena stroke. Ohoh.

So berbalik kepada target minggu ni, so lepas ni kos untuk makanan untuk 5 hari would be:
Lunch kat kantin ofis: RM5 X 5: RM25
Dinner masak sendiri: RM3 (Ayam/Ikan + Sayur) X 5: RM15
Total: RM35 seminggu. 

Waww. Murahnya. Yeke boleh camni?
So we wait and seee.. HAHA

OK. target yang ni dulu. Start small. Benda yang kecil-kecil ni lah yang akan membuat perubahan kepada perkara yang lebih besar kan?

OK. That's all for now

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Re-aligning everything


Today is 20th November 2016, Sunday.
Unusual Sunday as I just keep myself at home. Past weekends I had been moved a lot to do things that I think I need to.
It is almost 1 year since I had left this blog abandon. Even this is the time I should have been writing a lot cause I learnt so many things, gaining new experience. For the past 1 year, I learnt a lot as an engineer, went many local places, camping and hiking. Should have blogged them all for future memories. 

Those stories I which I had blogged them:

- Places: Lata Hammer, Bentong. Bukit Tabur. Bukit Sapu Tangan. Pine Tree Hill & Twin Peak, Fraser Hill. Gunung Gap. Gunung Ulu Semangkuk. Gunung Nuang.
- Volunteering program: Rumah Hidayah Bukit Gantang Perak
- Islamic classes by Akademi Sinergi

Maybe I will consider of writing them later.


Some say, it takes you a good fall before you can raise up again. So that is where I am now.
Sink to the bottom. So, I need some re-aligning of everything. Maybe by looking forward I could eventually lift up my spirit and start doing.
Since it is about the end of the year, let's plan ahead.

My future plan
1. Get married on the end of July 2017.
- Have not start anything yet. Maybe another 2 months we will start the real preparations.

2. Earning and saving more, helping fiancee to save money for the wedding and marriage. Maybe it will be second job or starting small business.

My ideas of earning more:

1. Overtime 
Pros: No big plan required
Cons: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, they say.

2. Business.

- Selling telekung (made of light material, not transparent, easy to carry to travel)
- Selling tote bag; resuming my previous business
Pros: Easy market target, don't have expiry date
Cons: Need to invest to buy new sewing machine

- Selling things in jar (cookies, coffee mix)
Pros: Possible
Cons: Still need to find market target

3. Mending myself, be a true muslimah who devote Allah first before all of thing in this world. Be nice to everybody. Works hard, etc,etc..

Things I think I need to do to become a better muslimah

1. Ceramah agama once a week
2. Tahajud once a week
3. A book per week; after Isyak would be the best time to read 
4. Read al-Quran minimum two pages a day
5. Pray on time
6. Dress properly, currently finding new tudung that could cover chest and shoulder.
7. Smile always: Remind me if I forgot about this.
8. Qowiyul jism: Swimming once in a week, running/hiking once a week

So that is all I can think of now.
My Allah gives me strength, get me istiqamah to become a better person. Amin.