Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Week 20

My pregnancy journey now has entering Week 20.
A bittersweet journey, though.
Struggling of being an engineer and a pregnant mum. Sure tough it is. 
Not really functioning 100%. The sickness and project delaying by customer request contributing into it.
Since last I blogged about my pregnancy, I never know that my little one inside my womb was actually my little ones. Yes it is a twin! We have did an ultrasound scan on Week 19 to know they are boys. My pregnancy now has been 5 months! Just a fast 4 months will passed by, I believed. I always pray to Allah that He will protect my little ones, always. My boys growing healthily despite of my severe cough and continuous vomiting even until now.

Week 19 ultrasound check up.
My babies progress:
- Good amount of amniotic fluid
- Good thick placenta
- Baby 1 weight: 231g
- Baby 2 weight: 235g
- No other issue

By the ultrasound I can see my boys are hugging each other. Such a wonderful experience. 
Thank you Allah for giving me more than I deserve.

It is now 1.39am. Waiting for their daddy to buy some meals for me. I had a severe vomit since Sunday and didn't have guts to cook. We had asleep since 8.30pm tonight without proper meal and my stomach started to rumble. I am thankful that daddy is always ready to fulfill whatever my request. He even bought me a slice of Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe this evening, after got back from work. Yes, I had said about it a few days before but I didn't expect to really get it. Feeling so blessed to have a husband like him. I always pray to Allah that He will bless his life and grant him Jannah.

Just had our meal. Some kueyteow kungfu and sate. Daddy had his charkueyteow. Done isyak now its time to sleep.

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