Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Life: May 2015 - July 2015

May 2015-June 2015

So we continue from last post, so my last post end with that I may get my car on May, but that wasn't happened. Perancangan tak jadi. Tapi inshaAllah ada hikmahnya. So n 2nd May is my special private day, and I have my first job as an engineer on 5th May. Alhamdulillah. Bos baik, colleagues pun best. Sudi tunjuk ajar satu persatu. Terima kasih.

Pinjam kereta kawan for a week to workplace, then I move from Shah Alam to Teluk Panglima Garang to secure my transportation. Jalan kaki pun jalan kaki lah. Asalkan sampai tempat kerja. At first, I was quite painful experience, but bad experience is always interesting to reminisce. Then, tumpang orang sana, orang sini, then tak nak bergantung kat orang, naik teksi, Then a nice person insisted to ride with her. So, alhamdulillah. Ramai orang baik hati nak tolong. Sebulan jugaklah duduk sorang-sorang kat rumah until I get new housemates.

June 2015-July 2015
I booked 1st car, alhamdulillah! and it will be an Axia Green.

So harapnya dengan ada kereta baru ni, I will be a better person, make most out of it.
My planning as I get the car is:

  • Travel to any sekolah pondok and learn my deen.
  • Go to Iqbal (little brother) school, fetch him for an outing, and catch up with his academics.
  • Travel to Shah Alam to join charity programme
  • Balik rumah atleast 1bulan sekali
  • Find a way to increase my income
  • Belajar masak kat rumah as going to grocery is now so much easier!
Also, this is the first Raya I'm giving out duit raya!Huhu.
But the first time is always the most the excited one so I have A LOT of sampul duit raya in preparation of giving duit raya. But unfortunately, I couldn't change all the big notes. So I just gave them to my siblings and a few little kids. This raya I also realized that many the small kids is much much bigger now. And, some of the elder has passed by. This reminds me of how fast time flies by.

At the end of July, my car dealer told me that I will get my car by next week. That promised a dynamic, interesting August waiting for me!!

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