Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Thank you

How wonderful Allah is. He gave the answer that you have been finding these days. It had been always like that. As for today, I thank Him for sending me in this training. So I could heal myself. All the answers the strength I need is delivered by a woman who is not a Muslim, but I believe Allah created the world, each of every person in this whole world for us to learn something about it.

What did I learnt today, In point form.

How to present well.
Body language. Body postures
Eye contact.

The points seem to be a very boring, typical tips for presentation that you learnt in school, university years right? But my trainer did not make it so. She capable of making it so entertaining. I also get inspired by her spirit of losing her beloved husband but she still manage to be happy and entertaining. (Deep in heart, I know how is a heart of woman look like).

When her eyes look into me, I know she can read me very well. She makes living by handling, reading other people behavior. So when she makes the point throughout the day, its like it is all about myself. When she asked for the whole class to point out important things that we have been learnt through the morning, I said, 'Focus on your strength'. She gives me a hi5 and told me, "Yess,, That is very important for you",, All these days, I feel very termite about my capabilities, but now I feel better.

*Got to off. Maghrib. Then I have to start working on my presentation tomorrow.

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